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About Us

We work to empower women, for women development

Our Story

Jitpurphedi is a small agricultural community located about an hour away from Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu. The estimated population of the community is 6,500 people. The main crops produced in the Jitpurphedi area are rice, wheat, corn, potatoes as well as livestock and poultry.

The women in the co-operative are already farmers of many of these crops and have life long experience in agriculture. The Jitpurphedi area supplies much of Kathmandu’s vegetables so it is important that the land continues to be utilized in the most effective way.The Jitpurphedi Cooperative is a multi-purpose cooperative acting as a creditor, and offering consumer and distribution services. As a creditor the Jitpurphedi cooperative provides access to savings accounts and loans. Its consumer services offer the women of the Jitpurphedi area seeds and fertilizers at a discounted rate to encourage agricultural expansion. Lastly, the cooperative’s distribution services provide a system for distribution of agricultural goods enabling the women to save time and increase profits.

women generating income at jitpurphedi

Our Purpose

The Jitpurphedi Women's Agricultural Cooperative creates a central fund that can supply low interest rate loans to women, thus encouraging economic growth and independence. As agricultural and business endeavors expand qualities of leadership, entrepreneurship, and empowerment are promoted. Women may take out loans to expand their agricultural projects, develop their farms, purchase livestock, or to start a small business.

The goal of the cooperative is to provide women in the Jitpurphedi area a reliable and safe place to save their money, gain access to credit and loan opportunities, and grow their personal savings accounts. The cooperative also gives women the ability to participate in local community development through other income generation activities, trainings, and workshops created by Volunteers Initiative Nepal volunteers.