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Board Members

The board members of the Jitpurphedi Women’s Agricultural Cooperative represent the 632 members and meet regularly to discuss and organize the cooperative and its future.

Sarita Dhakal at Jitpur cooperative

Sarita Dhakal

Bhawani at Jitpur cooperative

Bhawani Tiwari

Pramila Aryal of Jitpur cooperative

Pramila Aryal

Shanti phuyal of Jitpur cooperative

Shanta Phuyal

Parbati Ghimire of Jitpur cooperative

Parbati Ghimire

Duoga Ghimire working at Jitpur cooperative

Duoga Ghimire

Women who works at Jitpur Cooperative

Tulsi Palel

Chandra Kala Tiwari of Jitpur cooperative

Chandra Kala Tiwari

Ambika member of Jitpur cooperative

Ambika Phuyal

Nisha Gihimire

Nisha Gihimire

Shamila Adhikari

Shamila Adhikari

Januka Aryal

Januka Aryal

Sabita lamichhane

Sabita Lamichhane

Member of Jitpur Cooperative

Som Maya Tamang

General Member of Jitpur Cooperative

Mira Pariyar

Member of jitpur cooperative

Rita Phuyal

General member of Jitpur cooperative

Parbati Devkota

Sub secretary

Sita Chalise-Sub secretary

Secretary of Jitpur cooperative

Shanta Aryal-Secretary

Vice president of Jitpur cooperative

Sabita Aryal – Vice President

President of Jitpur cooperative

Shiva Kumari Aryal-President