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Please Consider Donating!

Please consider donating to the Jitpurphedi Women’s Agricultural Cooperative. Donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to empower cooperative members in the following ways:

  • Fund group trips to visit other cooperatives/farms:

    Group trips take place annually and usually have about 100 participants. The women leave their communities to visit other agricultural cooperatives, farms, businesses, and other sites that help inspire new ideas.

  • Website maintenance and public relations:

    Donations will be used to maintain the cooperative website, as well as help promote the website and what the cooperative’s mission is. The goal of the website is to share the story the Jitpur cooperative, and set an example for other cooperatives in the country.

  • Provide support to the cooperative building:

    The cooperative occupies a small office in Timpiple, in the Jitpurphedi community. Donations will go towards maintaining the building, and providing necessary equipment to the women that use the space such as computers, scales, record keeping materials etc.

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