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life skill training on Self esteem conducted by VIN

Life Skill classes for women on ‘Self Esteem’ conducted in Thumke Community

November 15, 2016

Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN) conducted life skill classes for women on the topic ‘Self-esteem’ in the Thumke community. The class remained helpful in teaching the women on how to remain positive about themselves. Further, it also taught the importance of believing in self-worth and valuing self. The participants of the life skill classes for women were asked to identify two thing they liked about themselves. The women found it challenging, as they were shy. But after they were demonstrated some examples, they became confident.

The answers from the women include ‘ I am a caring person, because I help the poor’ and ‘ I am proud to be a good cook and provide for my family. This exercise was a positive step in improving the women’s positive self-image.
Secondly in the life skill class for women, the participants were advised on ways how they can improve and boost their self-esteem. Tactics included advising the women to stop comparing themselves with others, be proud of themselves and of the accomplishments they have achieved, and to accept and give compliments to each other. To demonstrate this the women were divided in pair and they had to tell each other one thing they liked about the other person such as they are caring and they are beautiful.

Thirdly, the women were told three things to do each day to become more positive and reduce the risk of depression.These three things were:

  • Do something for yourself, even if it’s only for 10 minutes a day, for example, painting, watching a tv show or spending time doing other enjoyable activities.
  • Tell yourself something nice in the mirror each day, for example, you are beautiful, you care for your children
  • Be brave and be proud of yourself!

Overall, this class was beneficial to the women of the Thumke community and promoted women’s empowerment. The women enjoyed the self-esteem class and positive feedback was given. Through engagement in the self-esteem class the women participating appeared more positive and happier after the class.

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