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women exposure visit program for women empowerment conducted by Jitpur agricultural women cooperative

Women exposure visit, 2016

November 6, 2016

VIN has been implementing different type of  projects in Jitpurphedi community since 2007. VIN’s women’s empowerment is one of the major program to empower women. Under Women empowerment the women exposure visit is important activities for growing knowledge of women. Therefore, a three days exposure visit program was designed for the women members of Jitpurphedi Women Agriculture Cooperative which was established in support and facilitation by VIN. The exposure visit program aimed to enhance Women’s knowledge through exposure to best practices in cooperative management systems and its governance to replicate the best practices to grow the cooperative further as well as to devise some income generation practices. This program is demanded by women, it’s a need of women. So this program  address women’s need and interest to have an exposure to new places, gain knowledge about new working methodologies and interact with different people.

This is regular program for growing knowledge of women. Tarkeshwor Municipality ward office 8 & 9 and VIN have funded and co-ordinate to visiting places, travelling, lodging  and group management. They were taken to Pokhara, Tanahun and Chitwan districts and exposed to income generation practices of other organizations, especially on vegetable and livestock farms. Moreover, they interacted and exchanged their learning and experience with the members of model cooperative of Women Khairenitar women development multipurpose co-operative limited,Women skilled development saving and co-operative limited, Prabhat women development multipurpose co-operative limited . They visited to some historical and tourists areas of Fewalake,Bindhabasini and Sauraha to have fun.

All together 81 participants took part in this visit out of them 72 were selected from women group from cooperative,  5 from Municipality,3 from international volunteers and 1 from VIN as program Officer. They were satisfied with the trip although the time was limited. Women got lots of knowledge from the trip such has agro farming, animal husbandry, micro credit transaction and many income generating skills. There was good cooperation among the women and were eager to learn from the activities conducted. There was a hope that even the Jitpurphedi community can also conduct such type activities. And further women are looking forward  to see such types of visit again.

On the 1st day, We started our journey from Kathmandu to Bandipur. We firstly visited the GOAT RESEARCH CENTRE and from that excursion we learned the following things:

  • It is advantageous to do goat farming at a large scale
  • The diet of the goats must be maintained properly
  • The shed of goats should be properly maintained

After our visit to the GOAT RESEARCH CENTRE, We moved to our second destination i.e KHAIRNI WOMEN DEVELOPMENT MULTI PURPOSE CO OPERATIVE, We learned the following things:

  • The members of the co-operative must be well focused for the betterment of the organization.
  • In order to make an organization a successful one, it must have well facilitated offices
  • Various resources must be managed for the development of organization

On the second day we visited WOMEN SKILL DEVELOPMENT AND SAVINGS AND CREDIT CO OPERATIVE, We learned the followings things from our visit there:

  • The income of women can be increased through hard labor
  • We observed how one co operative could provide employment to 500 people
  • If there is proper morale among the members of co operative then too it can run successfully
  • The product of the simplest co operative can reach international markets

We then visited the BHATTRAI COW FARM where we learned the following things:

  • We could generate huge income through cow farming
  • For quality products, the diet of the cattle should be properly managed
  • Pregnant cow should only be given green grass
  • About 20-24 lakhs could be earned through cow farming


  • We learned that a co operative could do a business of 7oo millions Arabs in a year
  • We could invest on agriculture, animal husbandry, business, etc.

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