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Success story

Women can take loans to expand their agricultural and entrepreneurial projects.

Sabitri sewing clothes is also a member of Jitpur cooperative

Sabitri Aryal

Sabitri is the Vice President of the cooperative, and have been involved since its creation in 2010. Sabitri used loans from to cooperative to start a small shop, where she sells goods and does tailoring work. She was inspired to start her business after taking a two month course at the cooperative about sewing. Loans from the cooperative have given her opportunity to generative income, and learn about entrepreneurship. The cooperative has given her the resources to start a business and become more independent.

Jamuna is a member of Jitpur cooperative for last four years

Jamuna Phuyal

Jamuna has also been a cooperative member for four years. She has utilized loans from the cooperative to purchase goats, and a cow. Her cow is now pregnant, which ensures more profit in the future. The loans have provided Jamuna with the opportunity to make extra income from selling dairy products such as milk and cheese at the local market.

santa phuyal who took loan from jitpur cooperative to extend her farm business

Santa Phuyal

Before taking loans from the cooperative to expand her small farm, Santa was only able to grow enough vegetables for her family. She was not making any extra profit from her agricultural activities. Santa has been a cooperative member since it started and has used resources and loans from the cooperative to expand her farm. She now grows cabbage, onions, wheat, cauliflower, and spinach. Santa now has a large and successful farm, and makes substantial profit. Santa has a vision to take a loan to invest in a large water…

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Sarmila adhikari of jitpur being independent because of help provided by jitpur cooperative

Sarmila Adhikari

Sarmila Adhikari is a 28 years old farmer who lives in the Dadagon’s village. When she began her activity 7 years ago, she was working very hard and she was selling her vegetables at a loss in the village. Her husband’s income allowed the family to live and to pay their children’s school fees with difficulty. Then, she decided to adapt her traditional agricultural methods to other methods, more productive and little by little her lands were giving a better yield until she could finally get profit from it. Last…

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Rita Ghimire saying about Jitpur cooperative as her success story

Rita Ghimire

Rita Ghimire lives in the Kawalkot’s village with her husband and her two children. When she began to work, she was carrying chickens while her husband was working abroad. Nevertheless she didn’t have enough space so she decides 9 years ago to make herself a farmer with her husband and her mother in law. Today she earns an average of 33 000 rupees per month from which she get a profit of around 16 700 rupees.  At the beginning, her family wasn’t supporting her will to resort to the co-operative’s services and…

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Rita saying about Jitpur Women's agricultural cooperative

Rita Priyal

Rita Priyal is a farmer since 15 years. She lives in the village of Pachmane when she brings up her two children with her husband. When she began her activity she was earning 70 000 rupees per year that were mostly reinvest on the purchase of raw materials. Six years ago from now, she decides to unit with others farmer women of the community and they fund the « Jitpurphedi Women Agriculture Cooperative Ltd » in order to improve their living conditions with the support of VIN that integrated this project on its…

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